Publishers and Agencies: Info

We created this page to make it easier for you to send catalogs, books for review, gifts, gift cards, outright bribes and new cars to me.   (Don’t send books to my store, we might sell them, not that any retailer ever sold a review book they were given, right?)

Our primary interest is news items. There isn’t space here for a lot of reviews, but if you have a non-fiction title that is unique, different, and therefore worthy of attention, I’d be happy to describe it both here and in my personal blog (which has about ten times the readership of this one.)    Note to independents:  We’re only interested in books available to retailers through regular trade sources at trade discounts; books in mainstream distribution by — at the very least — Ingram or Anchor (or in Canada, Parasource, WordAlive and HarperCollins.)    Please don’t tell us about books where every third page is written in CAPITAL LETTERS.

CDs are welcome also. We prefer all forms of contemporary, classical hymns and worship. Sadly, there is very little marketing done on music products these days. Again, these should be available through the sources listed above.

Here’s an address you can use:

Paul Wilkinson
Christian Book Shop Talk
Five Vaughan Avenue
Port Hope, Ontario, CANADA
L1A 3Y8

Gift cards should be valid in Canada, we prefer restaurants, though U.S. hotels will be considered. There’s always cash, too. Obviously, the current review disclosure rules in the U.S. don’t apply here, though I suspect anyone taking this page too literally could land us both in a lot of trouble. In other words, we’re kidding about gift cards.

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