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Sophmore Title from Shauna Niequist

I tend to include book trailers here for books that are already landing on your shelves, though many companies issue these well in advance.   I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but if you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube, then you have an account and can create your own playlist of book, music and DVD trailers and just leave it running in your store.

This title actually releases mid-July.  Bittersweet is Shauna Niequist’s second non-fiction title with Zondervan, a follow-up to Cold Tangerines, with a similar one-colour cover theme.  It’s a book about the wisdom and growth that happens in seasons of pain and chaos.

Shauna is married to Aaron Niequist who directed worship for several years at Mars Hill Grand Rapids (Rob Bell) and now does the same at Willow Creek.   The latest move is no surprise since Shauna is the daughter of Bill and Lynn Hybels.

Canadian stores:  What rights do you have in firing people whose beliefs or lifestyle undergoes major changes after you’ve hired them?   It’s a question that Christian bookstores — whether or profit or non-profit — often have to consider.   The Ontario Divisional Court ruling in the Christians Horizons case is therefore significant.   Read the latest in this story at the May 20th post at Thinking Out Loud.