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Consumer Advocate Notes eReader Glitches

Ellen Roseman is a consumer advocate for The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper.  She hears from readers who have all manner of consumer complaints, and as an avid reader herself, she devoted two columns recently to electronic books.  The first, on October 30th, noted a number of issues some consumers have encountered.   While she was generally positive about the devices, the following anecdotes are worth noting:

  • A Kobo owner got a book with the chapters out of sequence.  She was told she was wrong, but a friend with the print edition assured her she got a defective product.  It took an intervention from The Star to get her a refund.
  • A customer’s gift card payment went through, but 12 days later, still no books.
  • Another customer got the right “cover” but the internal contents of the electronic file were something totally unrelated.
  • Ellen herself got a completely wrong book, and then waited a year for the title she really wanted.

You can read her article by clicking the link above, and also check out her follow-up article from November 1st, where she talks about the incompatibility of different devices, and incompatibility of cross-border issues with the same device.