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Randy Alcorn Defends the Entire Adult Colouring Book Genre

With his own addition to the genre releasing yesterday, Randy Alcorn began a somewhat lengthy blog post with the question he’s been asked, “You write biblical and theological books, and encourage good stewardship of time and money. Why would you succumb to the superficial trend of coloring books?”

He then responds to the various types of responses he’s received:

  • They are childlike, and we are to put away childish things.
  • They are a waste of time, and we are to redeem the time.
  • They are trendy, and we must never be trendy.

and proposes additional positive aspects:

  • They can be done to God’s glory.
  • God values creativity. Practicing it now can be a foretaste of the creativity that will be unleashed on the New Earth.
  • It’s inexpensive, and you won’t end up wasting much money even if you don’t continue.

Read the full article at Eternal Perspective Ministries blog.

Picturing Heaven: 40 Hope-Filled Devotions with Coloring Pages is now available from Tyndale at $14.99 US (FDI in Canada).

image: EPM Blog



The Next Big Colouring Book Trend

I looked at this forthcoming Harvest House title twice and couldn’t help but think, “What if all the women doing colouring books are getting bored and are ripe for the next big thing?”

I just think some might be tired of butterflies and stained glass windows and want to channel their inner Andy Warhol into a Campbell’s Soup can or something more resembling commercial art? Or perhaps break away from the pastels and rock out some primary colours?

Harvest House says this is for ages 8-12. I’d have to order one and check out the contents and also see if the paper stock is up to adult colouring book standards.

But I think I’m on to something here. Or crazy; which we already knew. I’m sure someone has a reason why this won’t work, but maybe someone else will get the idea and run with it.

80 pages | 9780736971034 | Harvest House | September release | $9.99