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Ontario Retired Pastor’s Collected Teachings

This week I had the opportunity to meet Rev. Bruce Pero, a retired minister and see his book, Teachings from God’s Word.  The 180-page paperback (also available in hardcover) is published through Friesen Press of Altona, Manitoba, and is available to Canadian retailers at standard terms and discounts through Ingram. Here is the publisher summary:

Teachings From God’s Word is a book of life experiences—of trusting God through difficult circumstances. It is a devotional memoir of a believer’s life testimony, the testimony of Rev. Bruce Pero, through messages he has preached over the years bringing insight and hope to others on their earthly journey with faith-building strategies and detailed accounts of intimacy with God.

Readers will experience wisdom on how to:

• build their faith with endurance and perseverance
• know the Master in a personal relationship with God as their Heavenly Father
• perceive the Father’s love through mothers’ prayers that can deeply affect the direction of their lives and what they are called to do.

The book outlines wide-ranging stories of salvation experiences and testimonies of how the author led individuals to the Lord and of how God loves to heal His people through His power, grace, and mercy.

Teachings From God’s Word will increase the reader’s knowledge of God’s eternal plan for their life. It can be used for new Christians as a seminar teaching tool for intimacy with God, for those hoping to grow in their faith, and also for mature Christians still hungering to learn about God’s word.

Teachings From God’s Word will cultivate discipleship by resurrecting God’s church to be doers of the word and committed to His Glory.

Bruce grew up just north of Kingston, and currently lives just east of Oshawa.

ISBN 9781039124387 | US $14.99

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