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Graphics for Social Media, Newsletters

There’s 2 versions of this one. I originally wanted to just feature Divinity Boutique, but I realized there are still one or two people left for whom the Dayspring name means something.

Backlist (generic) graphics; I like to pick “random” products to feature in our newsletters:

The next one has an interesting story…

…this is a great little board book based on a classic Old Testament scripture, but the one minute video was uploaded to YouTube in such a way that it had no preview thumbnail, so we had to create one and add it manually. $13.50 retail; flip book.

That’s not the only time you have to create graphics from scratch…

…and I wanted to promote the little 8-packs of notes from Dayspring and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a decent image online of the assortment or part of it. I had 2 minutes to come up with this one!

This next one isn’t coming out until May:

This last one is my store’s Facebook header. If you look really closely you might be able to tell it’s set up in a way I can simply drop new titles on top of old ones, but you have to make the overlap work logically. You’re welcome to steal the idea and drop in your own titles. Our store selection may be too progressive for some!

If you have graphics you’d like to share, feel free to send them (searchlight [at] nexicom [dot] net) or just send us a note that stores are welcome to use things on your FB page carte blanche.

If you’re simply hunting online for things, remember that even though A-zon has people full time creating promotional images for Christian books, I would advise against borrowing them. Check out publishers’ and individual authors’ sites and social media.

Also, re. Nana the Great… above; this one turned out to be “spiritually lite” and is better suited to mainstream bookstores; but there is at least one page which mentions prayer, though apparently Nana dances when she prays!

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