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Celebrating Ten Years of Christian Book Shop Talk


Forerunner Marketing
Family Treasures
Augsburg Fortress Canada
Riverside Distributors
Send the Light Distribution
CMC Distribution
CBA Canada
Canada Direct Group
Blessings Christian Marketplace
R. G. Mitchell Family Books

It’s been quite a decade, hasn’t it? And while the list above highlights some more prominent companies that many of dealt with, it doesn’t begin to list the personnel who have come and gone and the almost countless bookstores which are no longer with us. (Did I miss any?)

But it’s also been a ten years that many of us have carried on as missionaries in our various communities. New avenues of supply have opened up through Anchor/Word Alive and Parasource. Facebook has changed the manner in which many of us connect with our customers daily. A younger generation has taken over many remaining stores with solid business training and fresh marketing ideas.

We’ve outlived Blockbuster. And Sears Canada. And Zellers. I could go on and on…

…I started this blog ten years ago (August 24, 2008) with a post titled “Bookstore Owners Sometimes Just Need to Talk.” It’s hard to find other people who understand what we do unless they actually do what we do. When the newspaper arrives I read

► The front page – because I want to know what’s happening in the world
► The business section – because we’re a business
► The entertainment section – because books and music are part of that industry

and then I read as much as I can about everything from classical theology to the latest trends in church life. Unlike my seminary-trained friends who learned Greek or Hebrew as part of a body of knowledge which never changes, I am a part of a constantly shifting landscape with new players and new terminology.

This summer as we traveled, I was asked what I do. I explained, “I’m like a pastor but instead of having a church, I minister through a storefront bookstore location.” How would you describe your role? …

Our parent blog, Thinking Out Loud, also celebrated a 10th anniversary this year, in February.

…People don’t leave comments on blogs as they once did. The traffic on the blog never again reached those peak days after the closing of R. G. Mitchell, but many of the people I met online remain in contact. I still need someone to talk to who gets what it is we do, but often I have to initiate those meetings. We as store owners often operate in isolation.

Unlike Christianity 201 and Thinking Out Loud, I don’t post to this blog every day, so I never feel a sense of burden to produce content here. But I often find things I think are either worth sharing or worth documenting (blog is short for web-log, a sort of diary) for my own purposes.

Plus, I get to rant. And I rant a lot. (Sorry about that!)

Either way, it’s been quite a ten years. With all the discouragement and frustration that goes with retail, right now I can’t imagine a path my life could have taken which would have fused so many different areas of interest; so many different experiences that God could use.

Happy Birthday to us; all of us.


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  1. Colporteur97
    August 24, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Happy Birthday CBST! Thank you for sharing and posting, Paul.. My wife and I read all your posts and discuss them (as well as nod in agreement). Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  2. Brian Johnson
    September 8, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Congratulations. You have been a faithful servant in book selling, and I have enjoyed reading many of your posts detailing the operations of a book store. Keep on keeping on. Crowns and well dones await.

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