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You Never Know Who is Asking for a Book Recommendation

Let’s pretend I walk into your store and ask, “Do you have a good book on the atonement?” What would you recommend?

From an article on Welsh preacher Martin Lloyd-Jones:

…His biographer writes that when he was a young man in the late 1920s Lloyd-Jones preached one night at a church in South Wales. Following the service, a retired minister pulled the young preacher aside and challenged him with a gentle but stinging critique. Lloyd-Jones never forgot his words:  

“…the Cross and the work of Christ appear to have little place in your preaching.”

…So, what did he do? What would you do? Dismiss the critic? Ignore the challenge? By God’s grace, Lloyd-Jones did neither. He didn’t take it personal but he did take it serious.

Lloyd-Jones never went to seminary, but he had a hunger to learn and grow in his understanding of theology. He went to his favorite bookstore and asked for the two standard books on the Atonement. He denied himself food and sleep until he finished both volumes. It concerned his wife, who thought “the doctor” was ill.

But he was far from sick. Lloyd-Jones would emerge from his study a new man with a more complete and healthy understanding of his life, ministry and preaching…

You never know the value of having something on your shelves that can revolutionize someone’s life or ministry.

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