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Meeting Requests for Donations

Bookstore owners are constantly asked to put up posters, donate merchandise, or otherwise get behind locally based Christian ministry projects. We have about twelve parachurch organizations in our community, and we both personally and as a bookstore endorse ten of these. When we’re asked to donate to broader community programs we explain that our particular mandate is to church-based or church-related organizations; that the population at large will give to the more popular causes, but only church people will give to causes that identify boldly as Christian-centered.

Some days we feel if anyone needs a fund raising banquet or a tag day it’s us. We regularly support things where the ministry staff receive — no exaggeration — eight to ten times in salary what we’re drawing from the bookstore.

We try to use a complex formula consisting of questions like:

(a) How widely known is the organization?
(b) How great and urgent is the need?
(c) Who else is on board?
(d) How able is the constituency benefiting by this able to help themselves or secure their own support? 

How do you deal with requests like these?

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