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It’s all in the Thumbnail

You’re looking at a supplier’s website and you’re not sure about a particular item. You think you might click through to see if there’s a larger image than what you’re seeing.

My advice is don’t click.

If it’s a t-shirt, a painting, or a gift bag, or anything else; the power of the image should convey through the thumbnail. That sounds a bit unfair, but it’s not that different from the millisecond your customer will give that item, so the artwork has to engage you. It should look professional, but it can also be unique in terms of what you already have in inventory.

The only reason to click through is to verify the text. It’s easy to fall in love with the artwork, and not realize the text has the intention that the item is for a funeral or a memorial and you’re looking for something for a birthday party. Many publishers and giftware companies will in my opinion squander a great image because someone in marketing decided that at least one SKU has to be in a particular category, and not the category for which the image is best suited.

You got into this because you felt you could manage a business and connect people with products that minister. You didn’t train to be an art critic. But guess what? Now you’re an art critic. Use your eyes to examine the products closely. Just because a major vendor has their name on it doesn’t mean that they use good judgment in bringing products into their catalogue.

Ask yourself, “Can I picture myself reducing this 12 months from now because it didn’t sell?” Better to be in a position of, “I think this item is great, and I hope it’s still available when I run out 60 days from now!”

Another good question is, “Can a customer basically buy this anywhere, or is this something one would expect to be in a Christian bookstore?” Unless you’ve got unlimited floor space and shelf space, avoid vague inspirational messages or sentimentality. When it comes to texts, stay old-school; look for scripture quotations or scripture-inspired messages.

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