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Christmas Novels Were Actually Series Starters

I always thought Christmas novels were one-off, stand-alone things that writers threw together as an “extra” title for those who wanted seasonal reading. In other words, the literary equivalent of the musician who books 30 hours of studio time to hastily record some Christmas carols to appease the diehard fans. Are we cynical? Perhaps toward some Christmas CDs.

Recently however, we saw that the book A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury was actually kicking off a series, and now Wanda Brunstetter’s latest, The Farmer’s Market Mishap is actually a sequel to The Lopsided Christmas Cake.

So if, like me you’ve boxed up those titles and placed them in the sea of forgetfulness, never to remember them anymore (a sideways reference to the hymn My Sins are Gone) or at least until late October, you might have customers asking you to dig them up for you so they might read the books in order. (Actually, I had a heads-up with the Baxter Family title, and it’s faster just to order the Christmas Cake book off-season than to try to unpack all those cartons.)

Wanda’s* book releases early June, while Karen’s* Love Story is also scheduled for the same week. Obviously a conspiracy, wouldn’t you say?

*Yes, I’m on a first-name basis with them.

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