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We’re a Small Part of a Much Greater Picture

Bonjour! Whenever I receive print catalogues or emails from Christian French language suppliers such as Librairie crétienne du Québec, I am at the most basic level reminded of products which, although I may not carry them in stock, are available to my customers should a need arise.

But at a higher level, I’m reminded that we are part of something much greater in terms of (a) the book industry as a whole and (b) more importantly, what God is doing around the world. These books by popular Nick Vujicic are an example of a message that is being translated en français including: Commentaries, Christian Living titles, Fiction, Children’s titles and of course, Bibles. Then, think of all the other languages in which many of our bestsellers are offered.

We could all use that type of encouragement, right?

Also, this weekend, I watched the baptism portion of all three services at Willow Creek Church in Chicago. (It took 52 minutes to watch all 3 video clips.) Teaching pastor Steve Carter said that at the 11:15 Sunday service alone, over 100 were baptized. To see each and every one of these people going public with their faith, and to see the pure joy on the faces of those in the tank doing the baptizing was a great reminder that while Christian bookstores are hurting right now, the capital “C” Church continues to forge ahead.

We need that type of encouragement, too!

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