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Bible Edition Contradicts What We’re Trying to Teach Our Kids

If I could spend five minutes in the board rooms of some of the publishers in our industry, my message would be, “Anticipate your critics.”  Why release products that simply feed those who think our agenda is to actually undermine the Christian faith?

I recently had a visit from someone far more trained in apologetics than I. We have a great apologetics section (5 four-foot shelves) but he asked to see kids books about Noah’s Ark, and pointed out that many of them, either in terms of the text or the illustrations, would not be considered theologically accurate.

He also said that we have to really avoid the temptation to talk about Bible stories. In a child’s mind, a story may or may not be real. Ditto the word tale. While it’s a bit above some kids’ pay grade, the term he liked is narrative. In other words, ‘Here’s how it happened…’

Any English speaker knows that “Once Upon a Time…” is simply code for “It didn’t really happen; but let’s pretend.” If you’re talking about the parables, then by all means. Jesus begins his parables with “A certain man…” which amounts to the same thing. But the parables are only a small percentage of the whole of scripture. “Once upon a time…” consigns the whole Bible to realm of fiction. It puts it on a par with fairy tales.

So that’s why this particular NIrV Bible, releasing this month from Zonderkidz, has me very, very concerned.  Did they anticipate the critics? I don’t think so.

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