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Mystery Product Eludes Major Retailers

Does your store sell Arch Books? They are the little rhyming booklets which, with the right speed and inflection can turn any Mom or Dad into a rapper. (See sample below.) But don’t read them that way, you’ll scare your kids.

joshua-and-the-fall-of-jerichoRecently, they released an updated version of Joshua and the Walls of Jericho titled Joshua and the Fall of Jericho. I know this because it’s on their website. But then, Thursday night I found myself in the unusual position of having to prove to someone in the biz Stateside that it existed. And guess what?

It’s not at LifeWay. It’s not at CBD. It’s not at Mardel. It’s not at Parable. Finally, just before I convinced myself that I was losing my mind, I sourced it at Ingram. Concordia’s website doesn’t use ISBNs, which was the proof I needed. The magic number is 9780758657343. Plug that into Book Manager and you’ll see the title as available only at Baker & Taylor or Ingram. All warehouses have stock.

The release date was January was January 6th. The title appears in a flip-book offered here by Foundation, but is absent from their order form.

So why does no one else seem to know this exists?

There’s a story here. Who wants to play detective?

Moses climbed a mountain and saw the Promised Land.
Then, on Joshua, son of Nun, he firmly placed his hands.
Moses gave authority to Joshua that day,
Trusting him to wisely lead the people, come what may.

As Moses’ right-hand man, he was poised to lead the way.
He listened very carefully to all God had to say:
“Be strong and courageous. Step out in faith and go
To the land I promised you a long, long time ago.”
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