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Will Church Discipleship Resources Help or Hurt the Local Bookstore?


Recently a church where two of us who work at the store attend bought into a package from Right Now Ministries International. By creating a login, parishioners can enjoy video content from a variety of sources at absolutely no charge. The organization’s website claims 15,000 churches are participating. There are indeed great video resources available, and I’ve always recommended that customers check out particular authors.

This morning we had a discussion about the possible impact on the book store, since this is the largest church in our community. In particular, the advertising features an image of Francis Chan. Will watching these videos whet the appetite of viewers for more of Francis (in particular  his books) or will it quench their appetite so that nothing more is needed.

I’m a great believer in offering free samples, especially chapter excerpts to friends and customers. I believe it creates a hunger for more. But this is a huge library and I wonder if church members might just get lost in it and not need anything else. 

(I’m also wondering if the people in our church are aware what this is costing. The discounted price for a church of 400 is $199.00 U.S. per month, although the denomination might have scored a group discount. Still, that’s $1,200 U.S. per year. I could supply a lot of print resources to the church for that price.)

Do any other stores have any experience with this particular resource?

So did I create a login? No. The reason was I am wary of providing too much information online and when the service asked for a particular birth year (not in multiples of 5) I simply decided I didn’t need the service.

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  1. Colporteur'97
    February 21, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    We have one of our largest church join and promote this years ago and we noticed a sharp and dramatic drop in sales from those who go there.

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