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Will Canadian Customers Pay $11.50 for Boxed Cards?


I took one look at the design and I knew it could really connect with my customers.

It’s on page 2 of the new Everyday Boxed Greeting Cards 2017 catalogue from Bellefair Greetings. But then I saw the price: $11.55 suggested list. Admittedly, you can still enjoy a healthy margin at $9.99 which is what I might do.

I’m willing to give this a try. Sometimes deviating from the “sweet spot” pricing on an item is risky. Right now for cards, that price is $7.99. I mentioned this idea two years ago when Rose Pamphlets topped the $5 price line in Canada. But there are always a small number of customers who will not sacrifice quality for price. Or in the example shown, willing to just have something that’s really different.

As we mentioned on Friday though, boxed card customers are particular. Often buying in bulk on behalf of a church or organization, they go over the boxes carefully before taking the plunge. Bellefair is offering twelve cards in the new catalogue at this suggested price. Perhaps all are not as striking as the one pictured above. The MSRP incorporates a 56.8% for the dealer. But purchase 100 assorted boxes and you get an extra 5% discount. That brings you to an even 59%, a margin many suppliers offer on this type of product.

But that also leaves you with 52.6% if you stay with $9.99 and the product will move a lot faster. In other words, configure the margin differently at different price points.

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