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Are Major Publishers and Distributors Betting Against Us?

Every major business has a war room, a planning room, a board room; in other words a place where executive decisions are made. Part of business is forecasting worst case scenarios based on current trends; and the trend, for as long as we’ve been writing this blog has been a decline in the number of brick and mortar stores.

Recently, freelance writer Lisa Hall-Wilson did a piece for Light Magazine, a regional Christian periodical distributed in Vancouver and Fraser Valley to over 200 churches. The article was about the acquisition of Augsburg-Fortress and David C. Cook Canada by the former Cook management group resulting in Parasource Distribution.

You can read that article here.

The article concludes:

…The company directly serves churches and para-church organizations, Christian consumers in Canada across many denominations, as well Christian bookstores and other retailers, such as Amazon and Chapters. Their customers include bookstore owners, seminary professors, Sunday School coordinators, ministry leaders, individuals looking for anything from curriculum, books, devotionals, Bibles, music, movies, ministry supplies, or giftware.

In other words, many different channels. Continuing,

Parasource President Greg Tombs insists this merger is not about putting the local Christian bookstore out of business. “If people want to continue shopping at their local Christian book store, please do that. There is a place for Christian book stores in our communities, but not every community has one anymore. People shop differently than they have in the past. We want to provide quality service using our unique expertise within the Christian market in Canada.”

Publishers and distributors don’t see an end to their product lines, but they must strategize based on a multiplicity of channels. Is Parasource telecasting a major change with this comment? As smart business people, they must be aware that they cannot keep all their eggs in one basket. The tendency would be to grow the areas which are growing. To strengthen the things which remain.

Increasingly, brick and mortar Christian retail is not the dominant channel and is becomes less of a force with each passing day.



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