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One Book, Four Different Texts

GoodseedMany years ago at the MissionFest event in Toronto we encountered the people from Good Seed’s Quebec branch, who introduced us to some rather unique titles. They were essentially the same book but each edition was tailored to a particular audience: People who grew up aware of traditional Christianity; people whose influences were largely Eastern; people whose background was more atheist, agnostic, pantheist or New Age; and children. As a lover of apologetics, I probably would have bought just about anything they offered, but the shared characteristics of these books intrigued me. As I usually do, I purchased conservatively, but the following year at MissionFest I topped up the inventory to replace sold copies.

These aren’t new titles. So why share them here today? (Besides coming across the original brochure in a box of papers?) I think the idea behind this set of books is exactly what’s missing right now in Christian publishing. We generally publish books for Christians. The already on-side. Preaching to the choir. Imagine having a resource that you could place in the hands of two vastly different contacts that was written specifically for each of them. Everybody in Christian publishing should be copying this concept to some degree.

Check out the graphic image below. You can learn more at the Good Seed Canada store or see more at their ministry headquarters home page. There’s also an edition of By The Name available in French as well as a number of other resources en français. Wholesale prices available to stores. Retailers need to be prepared to hand-sell these titles or include them in a newsletter or Facebook post or use shelf-talkers (what we did at first) to draw attention to them. (See also the link after the graphic for our original article in 2012.)


■ We covered this product range at the time we discovered them! For more, read this article from April, 2012: Evangelism Product Targets Different Worldviews.

  1. January 27, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Very interesting! I’ve shared the content of my book on the Song of Solomon with mixed Christian/Muslim audiences on a couple of occasions. It was well received; which had caused me to ponder the merits of producing a special edition for Islamic/Jewish audiences. Muslims acknowledge Solomon as one of the prophets: so the prophetic significance of the Song is of real interest to them.

    It’s the only thing I’ve published so far and, despite small circulation, all the reviews have been good; so I was already thinking towards a second edition, with one or two revisions and additional study notes. But if anyone would like to take a look and comment on the idea of a special edition, it would be appreciated. If the $0.99 download cost is a serious deterrent, get in touch and I’ll arrange a free one for you.

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