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Response to this Week’s Articles

This was sent off the blog to my personal email and I asked if we could share it here; permission which was granted provided the writer remained anonymous. I haven’t taken the time to edit it; I’ll just copy it exactly as it appeared.

To be honest, today’s Christian books rarely attract my attention. Yes, that probably IS because I am older. BUT, so many of today’s Christian books, in my experience and conversations, seem to be targeted at and read more by Pastors, church group/cell leaders, deacons and elders, and Bible College/seminary students, or they are categorized for women, men, marriage, families, etc. True, the topics are ones I have been reading for decades (just updated!) and not to say I don’t have anything else to learn, but my walk with the Lord is deeper now, and I gained much from them in the past. Now I spend more time reading books by the ‘old saints’ – Tozer (do you know how many he has written?!!,) Oswald Chambers, Andrew Murray, Henri Nouwen, Amy Carmichael etc, plus Richard Wurmbrand (he has written a huge number, also). And missionary saints’ stories of the past, who actually were sacrificial, evangelistic, plowed the fallow ground and made converts. Maybe I am old fashioned, but these books have changed and challenged my life and walk with the Lord, and continue to. Many of those younger than me probably wouldn’t even recognize some of those names.

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