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Why I’ve Stopped Monitoring the Spring Arbor Daily Top 100 List

Looking over recent installments of the Spring Arbor overnight rankings, there simply isn’t the breakout title information that has formerly been so useful. Here’s the first 25 by ranking; remember that Spring Arbor includes some family-friendly and home-school-friendly kids titles which I’ve designated here as ‘secular.’ *

  1. St. Joseph Missal and Hymnal for 2017 (#12 on Ingram overall)
  2. Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids (#16 on Ingram main list)
  3. Goodnight Moon (secular)
  4. Hendrickson KJV Large Print Thinline SuperSaver (#26)
  5. War Room Study Guide (usually bought in quantity for groups)
  6. Gospel of John (35-cent ABS title; usually bought in bulk) (#30)
  7. Pat the Bunny (secular)
  8. a Jewish-interest title
  9. Eat Right for Your Type (secular diet book)
  10. a Catholic Book Publishing prayer guide for 2017 ($2.50) (#53)
  11. Richard Scarry Word Book (secular)
  12. Snowy Day (secular)
  13. All By Myself (secular) (Mercer Meyer)
  14. My Book About Me (secular) (Dr. Suess)
  15. Legend of the Pointsettia
  16. another Catholic Book Publishing prayer guide for 2017 ($2.50)
  17. He Touched Me (non-book item; CD by Elvis Presley) (#95)
  18. 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace (the first real Christian book in the list)
  19. Corduroy’s Christmas Surprise (secular)
  20. Mitten Story (secular)
  21. The Magnolia Story (published by Nelson as a crossover title; not a future core title)
  22. One Big Turkey (Nelson kids Thanksgiving title)
  23. Shaken (Tim Tebow) (Waterbrook crossover title; not core Christian living, etc.)
  24. The Gift of Years (John Chittister; Catholic interest)
  25. an economy NIV Bible at $2.99

There’s very little here that is helpful to the Christian bookstore owner. Jesus Calling is #31, Karen Kingsbury’s new Christmas hardcover is #33, the new Richard Rohr is #75.

Having monitored this list for years and years (decades, actually) I can tell you it was not always this way. There are simply not enough Christian products shipping from Ingram to register on the list anymore.

In fairness, this was a one day sampling (from sales on Monday, November 7th; these are not the more volatile weekend numbers) but it shows that Christian bookstores are now a fringe element for the world’s largest wholesale book distributor.

*some items shown are more descriptive of the books on the chart, not actual titles


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