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Our Day in North-East Scarborough

Sorry, we didn’t take pictures. Here’s how we spent Tuesday afternoon.

Our first stop was Chef’s Depot. We discovered that this cash-and-carry restaurant supply warehouse satisfies our needs for four types of supplies that we would formerly buy at four different companies: Plastic bags, point-of-sale printer rolls, cases of toilet paper and receipt books. (We’re an outlet store, and one bar-code scan can refer to an item that’s in the store at as many as four different prices; so we write our bills manually.) There are probably places like this close to where your store is located as well.

Our second stop, just around the corner was Joseph’s Inspirational. This was more of a social call, but it had been nearly a year since our last visit to this Roman Catholic-focused retail store. Some of the product lines once carried for wholesale distribution are now being serviced by Novalis. It’s always interesting to hear other dealers describe their interactions with the same sources that we use. (I’ll leave that one there, for now!) Because Toronto is just an hour’s drive, we often refer to the three dominant Catholic stores there and it’s good to visit occasionally to get a handle on what each carries. Joseph is also a regular reader here at Christian Book Shop Talk.

Our third stop was Bellefair/Carriage House Printers. (No website; that tells you a lot.) Because we weren’t sure last Christmas if we would renew our lease in April, we didn’t order much in the way of boxed cards, and now we’re a Johnny-come-lately to the party. At our previous stop, we were told they were sold out, but we got 64 out of the 100 boxes we’d ordered the week before, though two of the “value boxes” were shipped in plastic bags. Not very classy, Bellefair.

The fourth and final stop before meeting our son for dinner was definitely the most interesting, Innovative Home. Even though we were picking up a very small order — we were needing to top up our stock of men’s rosaries — we were invited in for coffee and biscuits by owner Farman Khan and his wife. Conversation topics included importing giftware from China, the fact we both have kids who went to UOIT, recommended Indian restaurants in Scarborough, and faith. I also learned I may be missing a potential market by not stocking favours to be given to guests at First Communion or Confirmation parties. [Do you get asked for these? If you know more, leave a comment.] For stores that service the wedding market, Innovative Home is a great source for cake-toppers and bridal accessories, as well as angel figurines which sell well, and has great prices.

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