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They Wouldn’t Print This Today and You Wouldn’t Want to Sell It

I really don’t know how this book came into our home. I was looking for something else and suddenly there it was, published by Zondervan in the year MCMXLVI.*


The book is part of Christian Education resource genre referred to as “Object Lessons,” and these may have been more prevalent in early days than they are presently. (Though a quick search at CBD for the phrase netted 85 results.)

The book naturally fell open to the following page:


At the list of necessary chemicals at the bottom I realized that this book would never be published today.

First of all, local church insurers would probably be all over quashing the idea of someone showing up for church with turpentine, ammonia and kerosene. I know that when I show up for church with those things, the greeter at the door always takes me aside.

Second, Zondervan’s lawyers would have the same concerns and not want to be in a position of liability encouraging people to do this little trick. A page later, we’re warned, “Care should be taken not to spill any of the ingredients or the completed solution.” I guess so. I would be uncomfortable with the idea of doing this with adults, let alone teens or children. Things are simply too litigious these days than to risk presenting this in a church basement.


*70 years ago in 1946

Related: Could selling a book to someone which results in a horrible outcome mean the bookstore could be liable? We glanced at that topic in 2011 in this article and also this one.

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  1. October 13, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    made me laugh, so funny. I wonder if the illustration actually worked if tried

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