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The Email We Always Want to Send, but Never Do

I sent this out to a few pastor friends yesterday. You’ve probably experienced the same frustration…

The Email We Always Want to Send, but Never Do

Dear Customer,

I’m sorry that the particular item you were looking for is no longer in print. We all have know what it’s like to have a favourite promise book to send someone going through a hard time; a special devotional we like to give to a student; a great Bible to present to a couple getting married, and an inspirational book that’s good encouragement for a new mom. We do provide feedback to publishers where possible, and fight to keep some great titles in print. But sometimes an item published in 1979 is just…well…old, and it’s time to take it out of the catalogue.

But I’m even more sorry that you won’t allow our staff to suggest a comparable resource. There is nothing harder for us than to see a customer walk out the door empty-handed knowing that it’s extremely unlikely they’ll find the item elsewhere. It will truly be a needle in a haystack to find even a used copy. Please don’t shoot the messenger, either; we want you to connect with what’s needed, but it’s difficult when you’re stuck on one particular title.

We try to be sensitive to your situation, and we’re aware of what we stock, but also what we can bring in quickly from our partner distributors. There are some great books being written by a new generation of authors. Not all of them will last forever, but we hope you’ll allow us to consider something new. Among our staff we have a variety of churches in our backgrounds and can choose something that will be a good fit.


Your Bookstore staff.

How Pastors Can Help:

Please assure your parishioners that we have their best interests at heart, and we’re not driven by profit motive. Tell them that they can trust us to come up with something comparable, and that we’ll work with them to find a good fit for their context.

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