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New Identity for David C. Cook Canada Coming This Week

cookLogo200x60On March 1st we reported that David C. Cook Canada, the largest Christian product distributor in the country, had been purchased by its senior management team. The very same day, we also reported that the same management group had purchased Augsburg Fortress Canada.

Under the terms of the first sale, Cook in the U.S. required that the Canadian operations undergo a change of name, as we reported on July 6th. We’ve been told that by the end of the week that will be announced, though some key people in the company still have no idea what it is.  (Feel free to use the comments section to guess.)

Cook’s website was shut down for maintenance all weekend, and we’ve been told to expect a revamped site early in 2017. Hopefully it will contain a search field on each and every page, and the ability to sort results by price or author or discount, or even do a search within results. When it first opened, we reported on October 22, 2009, we reviewed it and wrote, “I find nothing here to criticize.” (Parts of that review were even posted on the website of the company which did the design.) But in seven years of ordering from various suppliers online, expectations have changed, users expect more functionality, the B2B site at Cook is often plodding, and certainly the time is right to offer something better.

So, back to that name change. Any guesses?


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