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The Changing Christian Distributor Market in the U.S.

Publisher’s Weekly writer Emma Koonse has done an excellent job documenting the closing of Christian distributors over the years such as Riverside, Appalachain Bible Supply and Send the Light Distribution in a piece appearing yesterday.

To read the full article click this link. Here are some highlights:

  • Christian Book Services, Larry Carpenter’s company, is now using Ingram for fulfillment, and was owed $52,000 by Send the Light.
  • Three Christian bookstores have opened since December, 2015, but 27 have closed.
  • New Day Distributors, originally a music company now has 60 publisher vendors.
  • Midpoint Trade Books* in New York City has picked up “10 – 15” of Send the Light’s publishing clients.

midpoint-trade-books*Midpoint was a new name to me, so I investigated. Their Christian products division is Covenant Media Resources which includes authors Danny Silk (Bethel Church/Jesus Culture) and John Bevere (Messenger International) among its clients.

In doing some follow up research from Emma’s article, I couldn’t help but notice that landing pages for Midpoint and Covenant stress their services to publishers, but I couldn’t find anything stating how a U.S. bookstore would open an account, or even see anything resembling a complete database.  The pages were directed at attracting publishers, not soliciting bookstore accounts.

The New Day credit application makes no allowance for Canadian accounts. This again is a reminder of how accounts north of the 49th Parallel were spoiled by Send the Light with door-to-door, pre-brokered shipments.



  1. rae-anne
    September 17, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    over the past 8 years I have ordered 2 or 3 times from New day. I guess every few years I forget and order and each time I am hit with unbelievable freight and duty charges. They carry some unique products I cant get but not worth it.

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