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Bookstore Employees to Gain Digital Access to Forthcoming Titles

netgalley_logo_perfectWhat has been a mainstay for bloggers and major Christian media writers wanting to review unreleased, forthcoming Christian books — NetGalley — is about to be opened up to Christian bookstore owners, managers and employees.

The initial announcement was made by CBA last week, but hopefully a contingency will be put in place for Canadian retailers to access this as well. (CBA Canada was shut down in the spring of 2007.)

CBA and NetGalley Partner

CBA, the leading association for providers of Christian products, and NetGalley today announced a joint initiative to give Christian retailers quicker and wider access to digital galleys of forthcoming books from over 20 Christian publishers—including HarperCollins Christian, B&H Publishing, Baker Books, Barbour Publishing, David C Cook, and many more.

By adding their CBA member ID to their NetGalley profile, Christian retailers receive a prominent CBA badge that will allow publishers to identify them as key influencers. Publishers can then approve requests for review copies more quickly, add CBA members to their auto-approved lists for access to all new books, and invite them to review new books first.

“This partnership will help Christian retailers remain competitive by giving individual employees within Christian retail establishments fastest and earliest access to new books,” said Curtis Riskey, President, CBA. “Of course many stores receive print galleys, but digital review copies give booksellers an additional format for reading; provide copies for more employees within the store; and give retailers access to a wider array of books. We are pleased to be working with NetGalley to ensure that CBA members are prominently recognized.” …

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This is a great step.

This blog has also lobbied long and hard for more chapter excerpts which can be used on store websites, blogs and linked in Facebook pages. While this doesn’t resolve that, it does mean that store staff at least can read titles in the comfort of their own homes, and hopefully the excitement of what they’re reading will be contagious with customers.

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