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Comparing Christianity Explored to the Alpha Course

Christianity Explored

This from Wikipedia’s page on Christianity Explored:

Christianity Explored is distinguished from the Alpha Course by shorter videos in less formal settings, less charismatic emphasis on the Holy Spirit and by an expositional study of scripture – in this case Mark’s Gospel.[9] 9 Marks comments that Christianity Explored is “plainly an answer to the Alpha course”. It says that the course does a “fairly good job of explaining the gospel clearly” but finds it over-full of material, and holds the view that “the use of the sinners’ prayer and immediate assurance is … troubling.” (These criticisms were fully addressed in the third edition of the course.) [10] It credits Christianity Explored with “the best treatment of sin, giving it a whole session”, along with a good treatment of grace and the atonement.[11] This is in agreement with (or perhaps derivative from) a 2001 article in the British Evangelical Council magazine which commended Christianity Explored, in direct contrast to Alpha, for its teaching on grace, penal substitution and the Holy Spirit.[12][13]

This is from the Wikipedia page on Alpha

More conservative critics (especially from a Reformed and Evangelical perspective) have complained that the course [Alpha] does not adequately define sin and therefore does not properly explain the reason for Jesus’s death and resurrection.[citation needed] The alternative Christianity Explored course is an attempt to go beyond what Alpha teaches on sin.

A more thorough comparison chart can be found at this .pdf link and was created by this website.

A much longer article can be found at Banner of Truth.

This article is presented for your information only and with no prior agenda.

Both course products are distributed in Canada by David. C. Cook.

  1. September 3, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Thanks for a very useful comparison. I and my wife have run introductory courses using both Alpha and Christianity Explored. Our experience is that CE is less intellectual in its approach and gives a more readily comprehensible presentation of the gospel, So at present we are tending to use CE. But we regret the lack of teaching on the Holy Spirit. I’d love to see a well-presented hybrid of the two!

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