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HTML is Your Greatest Need

I’ve said it before but I’ll be more concise this time:

If each of your suppliers isn’t emailing you once a week with graphic images for use on your store website, Twitter, Facebook, and newsletter, something is wrong.

You need those. More than anything else.  Here’s a couple on the house:

Beginner Bible 3D relaunch

I think many may not be aware that this is a relaunch of a familiar product with 90 3D images. I’m not sure if the older edition will continue to be available.

Cold Case Christianity - God's Not Dead 2

I like this one because it ties a backlist title into a current bestseller. (Wallace appears in the movie.)

Nabeel Qureshi books

While Answering Jihad wasn’t as strong, Seeking Allah… did very well, as I suspect this one will.

Top 25 Modern Worship Songs

Maranatha! Music did a great job with this graphic. We’ve done particularly well with Top 25 Songs of Grace, it’s a bit more mellow and makes a great gift for anyone. But the whole series is great value for customers.

Ben Hur movie

This is an example of a graphic element which allows you to be current knowing that the payoff is several months down the road when the DVD releases.

I hope this inspires you to seek out graphics like this on your own. Following your major publishers and record labels on Twitter is a big help if you need a source for these.

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