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Christianity Shelves at Chapters Still Unfiltered

Chapters Ottawa

This time it was the downtown Ottawa Chapters we visited, just steps away from the Parliament Buildings. It was there we snapped the picture above. Deepak Chopra in Christianity? It wasn’t the only such oddity. I can’t imagine being a shopper in that store and not having the information I possess. A person truly could end up reading just about anything. I pray that God gives the seekers in that aisle an unusual measure of discernment.

It’s also interesting how shoppers (or it could be staff) do some editing of the displays. As shoppers walk into the store, the first thing they’re supposed to see is a Donald Trump title, but someone had turned all the copies to face backwards. So much for that planogram.  Over the years, we’ve had staff members who have deliberately downplayed certain titles because they didn’t agree with them, or had misunderstandings as to what the product was about or why we had stocked it. One time I repeated came in to find copies of the same item behind the counter for no specific reason. If you find yourself readjusting the same title over and over again, look for frequent customers as a possible agent of cause, or a staff member with a doctrinal axe to grind. 

But back to our headline: Chapters desperately needs someone who doesn’t work for the Christian publisher’s distributors, who can step in and help them come up with a better categorization of their products. They need that person soon.





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  1. August 23, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    You’re exactly right, Paul. I snapped a similar picture not long ago and was aghast at what the bookstore categorized as Christian. Cults don’t just knock on doors; they sit on shelves.

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