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When the “Christian” in “Christian Bookstore” is Considered Offensive

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This Christian Post story — which takes place in the heart of the Bible belt — was also picked up by Fox News.

Tennessee Newspaper Lifts Ban on Word ‘Christian’ Deemed Too ‘Offensive’ to Print

A Tennessee newspaper that banned an ad from a Christian bookstore because it included the controversial word “Christian,” has reversed its decision.

Curtis McGinnis of Cedar Springs Christian Stores told The Christian Post on Monday that “When my wife, Lois, called to find out why our ad did not run, she was told that the ad did not go through because it had an offensive word in it.”

“She asked what was the offensive word and the lady told her ‘Christian,’ and the word was on the offensive word list,” McGinnis added.

News of the ad rejection over the word Christian being labeled offensive garnered much outrage from supporters of Cedar Springs Christian Stores, who sent several complaints to the Knoxville News Sentinel…

…The Knoxville News Sentinel is now running an ad from Cedar Springs Christian Stores about their sale, and McGinnis reports that the newspaper also “gave us an extra two days free.” …

…Soon after the controversy ensued, the Knoxville News Sentinel issued an apology on social media, blaming the ad rejection on a technology glitch.

“We had a system failure, which resulted in a classified ad for Cedar Springs Christian Stores getting hung up in our front end system. We corrected the technology issue in our system and the ad is now running for an extended period at no extra charge,” posted the Sentinel on Facebook.

A “system failure.” Yeah, that’s what it was. Sand in the gears.

Read the entire story at Christian Post or at Fox News.


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