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Social Media for Canadian Christian Booksellers

Christian Retailers Unite Canada

In just a few weeks, Christian Book Shop Talk will be celebrating its 8th Birthday and kicking off its 9th year. We really appreciate the support this blog has had from both sides of the border as we endeavour to bring you news and opinion (and a few rants) that are believed to be helpful. We appreciate your feedback, though we wish more of you would do so on the blog; though I recognize some topics — usually pertaining to supplier relationships — are touchy and you don’t want to be quoted.

In the last two weeks however, we’ve seen the emergence of two new options. On July 4th, we covered Christian Bookstore Media Kit started by Derek Ouellette and two others. This is a paid service, and we didn’t sign up, but there is a free blog. To date, nothing beyond the initial post has been published.

Today we learned about Christian Retailers Unite Canada, a Facebook group started by Lynda Schoffro who works at the Gospel Lighthouse store in Port Rowan, ON. (It’s on Lake Erie; I had to look it up, too.) One of the initial FB posts covers next Wednesday’s one-day trade show at Bingeman Park in Kitchener, now in its 10th year. Generally, I think Facebook is an excellent medium for getting stores talking to one another. We can’t make it to trade shows ourselves, so we rely on social media and email to connect with other retailers. There are a number of things we’ve tried to do here that didn’t work out well, and perhaps a more interactive medium like Facebook is the answer. As Lynda explains,

It is my hope that this will be a forum for all of us to join in conversation about many different areas of interest. Somewhere that we can go for answers to questions, or to give ideas of how things are working in our store.

Feel free to invite others who you think may benefit from this. I encourage your staff to join as well as others who are in our industry.

We wish her the best, and encourage those of you who are on Facebook to consider joining…

…And this is also a good time to thank you who have been reading here for the past eight years. This page is available to industry people who wish to write a guest post, both north and south of the border. Feel free to supply your input. And thank you for telling other people in our industry about Christian Book Shop Talk. 

Here’s more info about next week’s show:

Sperlings Annual Trade Show 2016


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