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Augsburg-Fortress Has New Name in the U.S.

With its Canadian division now spun off as half of the Cook/Augsburg company, yesterday word that the U.S. company has a new name. Publisher’s Weekly reports:

The publishing house associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Augsburg Fortress, is now operating under the name 1517 Media. The name was inspired by the year the Lutheran reformation began, 1517, and carries the tagline “Always Reforming.” …

…The goal of the name change was to clear up confusion about the business’s structure: the parent company had the same name as one of its publishing divisions. 1517 Media houses three units: Augsburg Fortress, which publishes resources for use by Lutheran congregations including music, books, and online services; Fortress Press, which publishes trade books, textbooks, monographs, and popular titles on theology; and Sparkhouse, which publishes ecumenical curricula. And by separating them, 1517 Media has gained some flexibility and has helped each publishing unit engage its markets more directly…

…continue reading the entire article at this link.

In an announcement to Lutheran Clergy, the company stated:

Our new parent identity expresses our rootedness in the Lutheran tradition and the gifts of the Reformation while highlighting our attention—within all three publishing units—to a wide range of current and future media resources for the church, classroom, and home.

As your partners in the gospel, we appreciate your continued support as, together with you, we communicate the liberating grace of God in an ever-changing world. We are always here to serve you and support your ministries.

Image (why there isn’t one): Usually an announcement of this nature contains a logo or brand identity for the new company, but we couldn’t find this one anywhere, except for a plain Helvitica font rendering at the PW story.

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