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Word Alive to Stores: Either Fish or Cut Bait

This is undoubtedly the most infuriating email I’ve ever had from a supplier in a long, long time. Who does this?

Word Alive email

Tying up inventory? How exactly? If I’m a distributor and I have two copies of a book in-stock and 20 stores have it in their shopping carts, what difference does that make? I still have two copies in-stock until people clear through their carts. And I’m not going to order new stock until I see actual backorders for 18 copies.

Managing data storage? Really? There are thousands and thousands of items in inventory, both what’s visible to stores and inventory history, wholesale cost information and other info which is invisible. There’s also the complete A/R history for each account. So my having four items in a cart is going to crash the system? Seriously? What motivates this type of thinking?

This is wrong on so many levels. It’s complete indefensible. There is absolutely nothing that can explain this, since somebody wrote and formatted the automatic notice which was generated.




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  1. July 20, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    The text explaining “why” is silly, but beyond that I don’t have a problem with it. I actually find it annoying to come back to a store later on and find the contents still in my cart. I’ve come very very close to ordering things I didn’t want, because I didn’t notice they were still in my cart.

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