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No Need to Reply to Random Overseas Emails

Email from India

Do you get emails like this one?

They seem to be increasing in frequency and arrive via conventional email or our online form. They look sincere, and the same compassion that drove you to open your bookstore in the first place might cause you to want to respond.

But it’s not necessary that you do so.

A quick look at the landing page for ChristianBooksIndia.com shows that much of the same type of merchandise that’s available in your store is available there; everything from the God’s Not Dead video to the latest Jeremy Camp album; not to mention a host of NIV, ESV, KJV and Tamil Bibles. It’s not always the newest, but the titles seem well-chosen.

Shipping in mass quantities, American publishers can get product to that country far more efficiently than you or I can and are the distributors there are intimately familiar with the nuances of importing product. 

While I don’t know what the standard of living is like or average wages, a straight currency conversion shows Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the Mind (Rs 225.00) available for $4.36 CDN (as is Wow Hits 2015); The Picture Bible (Rs 1,050.00) is much higher at $20.35 CDN; a Tozer book on Spiritual Warfare, a copy of In His Steps or More than a Carpenter are only (Rs 50.00) 97 cents CDN.

So back to my email…  A short courtesy reply, perhaps?

I’m not sure I would want to engage. The sender is possibly doing these emails a few hundred at a time, and my internet skepticism tends to override at times like this.

Have any of you responded to these requests?

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  1. May 31, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Hi Paul,

    We just went through similar back and forth email exchange probably a doz. or so from a Pastor overseas looking to purchase 200 bibles.Although the tone of the email made us suspicious I played along.
    After informing him that the shipping charges for expedite was around $2000, he was still adamant that we send the bibles. We then requested that we would need a credit card number before processing the order which he quickly supplied. Still suspicious, I checked with one of our Bible suppliers and was amazed that they accepted an order and the credit card was approved, two weeks later their bank called them to inform them that the card was fraudulent and they were on the hook for the charges.
    My bank informed me that even bank drafts are prone to be fake and the only way we should accept an order from overseas was through a direct deposit to our account.
    Hope this is helpful to any other bookstore out there.


  2. rae-anne
    May 31, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    i had someone from Toronto email me asking for 150 bibles. Being that I am from BC I told them ordering from a bookstore closer to them would be way cheaper. they were adamant they just needed them asap and to ship them. They didn’t care the price. From the slightly irregular English and the fact that they really didn’t seem to care about any of the specifics of the bibles I figured it was a scam. After they gave me a credit card number and name and address to ship to I printed it off and the police sent someone to pick it up. The police have someone on staff to deal with online scams. The police took it surprisingly seriously.

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