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Changing the Supplier/Retailer Partnership

Back in the day, it was common for retailers to have two different contact people at their wholesale distributor contacts. One was their actual sales rep who would visit anywhere between two and six times per year, depending on the account size. The other was a telesales rep who would fill in the blanks between sales rep visits with specials and problem-solving.

The point of these reps was to get as much of their company’s product into the retail stores and then, with displays, magazine advertising and mentions on Christian radio and television, the books would sell themselves.

That’s not the case today.

It occurred to me this week that what I would really love to have is, for lack of a better word, an equipper who would keep me saturated in YouTube book and movie trailers as well as the HTML elements I’m always ranting about needing, that I can use on Facebook, Twitter, the store’s website and the store newsletter. This person would not be driven by getting product into the store, but in making product awareness happen; to boost sales of the products I’ve already committed to, as well as those that myself and my staff have not yet stocked, or may not know about it.

Today I watched a video trailer at NewReleaseToday.com for a movie titled Chasing Grace. The video was posted back in November, 2014 and has only had 1,100 views. The movie is in stock now at David C. Cook with a May 3rd, 2016 release date. I clicked one into a cart. Some of the themes look dark and there’s a scene in the trailer where a man puts a gun to his head. Not for everyone, I guess. But I wouldn’t have heard of it without the trailer. If I choose I can put the trailer on FB, though I’m not likely to promote a film where I only have a single copy stocked. And the latest advice is that retailers keep to one FB post per day, so I have to be careful where to use that. But still, it’s great to be able to see the product.

An equipper would provide retailers with the new media tools they need to know what to stock and how to market it.

Earlier this week I took a screen shot of a page from YourChurchZone.com of a $64 book on learning Biblical Greek. I sent it to only two pastors who are doing a kind of ‘Greek club’ once a month, and one of them ordered the book. It’s that easy! But it’s a sale I wouldn’t make without media resourcing.

And to save you looking, here’s the trailer for Chasing Grace:


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