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Setting Boundaries with God

The problem is… when a website devoted to humour and satire doesn’t put the dates on their blog posts, you’re never quite sure if something was meant for April Fools, or if it was just another day! Click the title below to read the full article at source or forward it to your staff.

‘Boundaries With God’ tops new book releases

Boundariew with GodNASHVILLE — Henry Cloud and John Townsend have taught people how to have boundaries in their marriages, friendships and workplaces. Now they are teaching people how to have boundaries with God.

“Our research keeps showing that people feel vulnerable in a relationship with an all-powerful Being,” says Cloud. “Thankfully, God has given us a choice. We can set boundaries in this key relationship and let him know what we are comfortable with.”

A relationship with God presents a “natural power imbalance” because one party is so much more powerful than the other, Cloud says. Boundaries are the biblical solution.

“It was God who said, ‘Draw near to me and I will draw near to you,’” Cloud says. “That’s an invitation to draw the boundaries where we want them. God makes that okay. He respects the limits we put on him based on the gift of our free will.”

One woman who was part of their study said she enjoyed growing closer to God but didn’t want him directing her finances.

“I’m just not ready for that,” she says. “I grew up poor and make a good amount of money now, which gives me a real sense of confidence. I think God respects that, so I put a boundary there.” …


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