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Website and Facebook Graphics Anyone Can Make

We’re currently running The 72 Hour Sale on an HTML-only basis. In other words, we’re not even doing the handout. This has presented some challenges, not the least of which is getting the information out to our customers without overburdening their email or mobile device with the graphic elements. We’re also giving out cards containing the website address for the full flyer, but for some it takes too long to load, and others don’t have Adobe and don’t understand how or why to obtain it.

So we’re breaking up the sale periods into smaller units and introducing new products every day on Facebook. This means ‘cleaning up’ the flyer images, which means ridding them of interference from overlapping items on the same page. This takes time, so I set a 5-minute limit on any one element, and in some cases it shows.

You can also do this by scanning pages of print catalogues you receive, or taking screen shots of product on display on supplier websites. The program of choice I use is Irfan View; which is a free download. It’s not as sophisticated as the Movie Maker program I bought my wife — which I needed for the new cover of the 1GN album — but allows for various types of image editing. But the actual patchwork editing for these was simply done in Microsoft Paint. (Check out the girl’s head closely in the third shot below; remember, I set a 5-minute time limit.)

Some were simple crops, but others involved touch-ups. If you’re doing the sale, feel free to use these on Facebook.

Perhaps this is the Moment - 72

Mom Stuff - 72

What Did Jesus Say

Puppies and Guppies DVD - 72

IGN - 72

My Time With Grandma

I have more of these I can send you by email, or you can steal them from my store’s Facebook. If there’s a supplier website image you’d like to adapt for Facebook, send me the link and I’ll email you the finished product for free, provided I can use it on mine as well. You’re on your own for adding captions.

In an ideal world, suppliers will start supplying these graphics elements more frequently as well as with every sale promotion like this one. Here’s two more:

Wildflower DVD - 72

Chonda Pierce DVD - 72

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