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Paper Books Soar: Portland

KATU, channel 2 in Portland proclaimed earlier this month:

Book sales soar in 2015: ‘People want to get away from screens’

… Annie Bloom’s Books … store manager Will Peters said … “A lot of people scribble in the margins. I turn down the pages. If you don’t like it, some people even throw it across the room which you probably couldn’t do with a device,” said Peters…

…”The thing that I’ve consistently heard back is that people want to get away from screens on their own time and that’s one way to do it,” he said…

Many culture watchers feel that societal changes tend to move from west to east; that trends in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Portland are indicative of what people in the heartland or east coast can expect. This is just one of many reports circulating that paper books are experiencing a resurgence.  

Similar trends are being noted in the UK. Back in October the website Quartz announced:

Throw away your Kindles: Paper books are making something of a comeback

Could the e-book revolution be coming to a screeching halt? Paper books are making a comeback, albeit rather slowly.

Britain’s largest bookseller, Waterstones, announced it would stop selling Amazon’s Kindle e-readers—sales have been “pitiful,” said James Daunt, the managing director of the retailer—and will instead be filling their display space with physical books.

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