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No Matter How Many I Bought, It Wouldn’t Have Been Enough

Today was a rather frustrating day as we were forced to live within the new realities of the Send the Light freight discount program. As part of their “Thrifty Thursday” program they were offering 75% discount on boxed cards. These cards were only $5.99 US to begin with, making this a great deal.

But then we realized, we didn’t have a single book in our shopping cart, and books and Bibles are now the engine that drive the free freight program. You’ve got to have 20 of them to qualify. So even if I had bought 100 boxes, I would have paid enormous freight costs.

Yesterday, we unpacked a box from them that contained two boxes of cards. “I thought you weren’t ever going to buy boxed cards from them again;” my employee reminded me. She was right, I had said that, but these two boxes actually arrived in okay condition. At least they weren’t on the bottom of the box with books on top.

So what if the entire shipment was boxed cards? Do you think they would survive the international shipping experience?? We just find that some customers are more than happy to try something other than Dayspring, which I realize dominates the boxed card selection of most of the store staff reading this.

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  1. Alvin
    September 2, 2015 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Paul, I manage a bilingual Christian bookstore in BC, and we ran into the same problem. While we sell more books than gifts on a daily basis, STL’s new policy is still a harsh one to get over.
    Fortunately, we found out that little booklets (such as 9780981957449) and children’s books (such as the Arch book series) do qualify as books for the free freight program. Of course, the catch is that we must order 5 copies or more for these titles to get more discounts.

    • September 2, 2015 at 4:55 pm

      Hi Alvin,

      In the last 24 hours, I received a comment off-the-blog from someone who suggested printing the boxed card list and faxing it to them, with a request to hold it to combine with the next shipment. I would probably try that next time.

      The other challenge is that with the new short-discount program at Ingram, I’m really stuck right now.

      And all this at a time we’re all trying to be more competitive with A**zon.

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