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Searchlight Makes Christian Book Shop Talk Possible

Some of you know my own little store, Searchlight in Cobourg is approaching 20 years in a very small, very price-conscious market. Part of our survival is owed to a very careful buying of bargain books, based on years of experience.

We also wholesale bargain books out to other stores. We haven’t been as aggressively promoting this lately, but many stores in Ontario — where it’s easier to deal at arms length — have taken advantage of this opportunity; either selecting from our inventory or allowing us to put a sample pack together for them. In the past, medium and smaller market stores have found this most advantageous, with some taking 4-6 cartons at a time. We especially enjoy working with stores getting into bargain books for the first time; you do need to be cautious, not every great deal is what it seems.

Today is just a reminder that my staff can’t do wholesale orders; so if you’re planning to drop in, you need to know that I’ll be there; and I don’t work every day at the store. (I like to delude myself into thinking that my primary occupation is that of writer/journalist.) Call ahead, or better yet, make contact by email.  Also, we can sell you copies of David Wesley’s worship album on a store order as few as eight copies. With a huge YouTube following and a cross-demographic acapella sound, you’re sure to do well with these.

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