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Send the Light Distribution Changes to Canadian Terms of Sale

Send the Light Canadian StoresTwo Three* changes go into effect today for Canadian stores dealing with Send the Light Distribution (STL).

The first has to do with the 20-unit minimum. As of today, that changes to 20 units of books and Bibles. You’ll need to manually subtract any giftware product, church supply item, CD, DVD, Bible cover, jewelry item, toy, apparel item, etc. before sending your order to make sure it qualifies. (Some homeschool products, hymnbooks or guided journals might be ambiguous so better to be safe than having to appeal your invoice.)

The second has to do with hardcover books.  As of this morning they are now short-discounted to 38% (with Hachette Book Group currently showing at 35%; especially challenging given the 10% markup on the preprinted Canadian price.) 

*UPDATE, Tuesday 7:00 PM — The third change is the implementation of a 1.5% service charge for stores paying by credit card. Since many Canadian stores appreciate the convenience of settling their accounts this way, rather than with a bank draft, this will probably affect more than a few of us. No other suppliers have such a charge, and Foundation Distributing offers a 2% discount for stores on its auto credit program, so they never have to worry about stores being in default.

Mark Phillips noted three reasons for the changes:

  • lower discounts to distributors from some vendors, specifically noting the Harper Group (Zondervan, Nelson, HarperOne, etc.)
  • introduction of dimensional pricing (box size factored into weight) from freight companies January 1
  • an unprecedented number of store closings and bankruptcies

U.S. stores face a dollar value minimum instead ($150 net) but is now worded to read “of books and Bibles” also.

* This post has been updated as noted. The fact that the third item was never communicated to our store shows the various ways in which some stores have received bits and pieces of information about the changes, while others had to hear about it from other stores, or even write and ask. We’ll discuss that later in another post.


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  1. August 5, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    well this is great news for fdi.

    • August 5, 2015 at 1:35 pm

      I was just thinking the opposite: In order to get import-only titles (things nobody has covered up here) stores might pad out the book part of their order with titles they might have otherwise bought domestically.

  2. August 5, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    but i already deleted a big order I had in my cart for stl of gift items like journals and mugs and did a large fdi order instead. it was around 900 wholesale.

    • August 5, 2015 at 9:45 pm

      In our store the mugs that move are from Abbey Press (Augsburg-Fortress in Canada). I have never in 20 years found giftware that resonates with our customers like Abbey and Norm Robertson is great to work with.

      I guess at the $900 level it didn’t matter; you would have easily had 20 books in there or could have added them. It all boils down to what sells, and our customers don’t resonate as much with the FDI products. If you wanted the STL product, I don’t see what was stopping you from buying it from them. Your 20 books could have been 20 @ $5 each, and with a $900 order, I don’t think anyone at STL would have minded.

      Again using mugs as an example, the six different designs of the LUMEN mugs that STL sells exclusively also move very quickly in our store. The thing that really sells the customer is the beautiful gift boxes. (And of course, the Mr. and Mrs. Mugs from Dayspring.)

      I don’t see journals lasting forever; you’ve got a generation now entering their 20s who never learned to write in cursive; and an older demographic who now jots notes on their tablets.

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