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SDG Cards Add a Touch of Class to Card Departments


Normally when sales people cold-call, I’m automatically predisposed to say ‘no,’ but one look at these cards and the way they are packaged and I was immediately sold.

Michael Deacon’s collection of cards contain a mixture of settings, but many of them are  photographs taken in Israel. Some have Bible texts on the front, though many simply show the photo image. Though the cards are blank inside, the annotation on the back is fully printed and describes the location as well as related scriptures. Each card is cello-wrapped. Here are more details from the SDGCards.com website:

‘SDG’ is the acronym for the Latin phrase – ‘Soli Deo Gloria’, meaning: ‘Glory to God alone’. This name was selected to emphasize that God is to be credited for the stunning beauty seen in nature. The sophistication in nature is not only evidence for His existence, but also for His creative brilliance!

SDG Cards is a ‘tentmaking’ effort, seeking to honour God through honest business practices and quality products. As a former skeptic turned believer, the photographer has visited numerous places mentioned in the Bible which still bear the marks of what was recorded in Scripture. Observing such sites has reinforced his conviction that the Bible is absolutely trustworthy.

Photographs are hand-mounted onto embossed-frame cardstock. On the reverse of the card is a caption identifying where the photograph was taken. They are blank inside and can therefore be used for any occasion.

On the cards page on the site, you can see the different designs. (Click or just let the images scroll through.) While you could compose an order yourself, I allowed Michael to select an initial assortment. Though he sells the cards direct to consumers with a minimum order of ten, the wholesale pricing is much better, and considering this type of card sells in gift shops for $6, the margin is quite generous. We’re introducing the cards at $4.50 each.

These cards add a touch of class to any card department. Because there are so many, you may need to display different units in a single card pocket, but if you have some room to spread out — especially in summer when alternatives are needed to fill space — this card line would create a strong impression.

Contact: Michael Deacon is based in Greater Toronto; contact at sdgcards@gmail.com and mention this article and that you’re a retail store.

  1. May 21, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    I’ve purchased some of Michael’s cards in the past. I can attest to the quality and beauty of them, as well as to the integrity and upstanding business practices of the photographer/entrepreneur, Mr. M. Deacon.

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