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Brighton Author’s Help for Fathers with Daughters

XOXO from Dad - Lyle BunnA Brighton, Ontario author has added a short book to what is an increasingly fast-growing genre, books about the relationship between fathers and daughters. XOXO from Dad: Words Too Seldom Spoken. a Father’s Love for His Daughter by Lyle Bunn is concise at 64 pages and is available from Westbow, through Ingram/Spring Arbor at $9.99 US retail. Here is the publisher info:

XOXO from Dad are words of love too seldom spoken from Dad to Daughter including advice and encouragement in 20 easy to read chapters within 65 pages. Suggested songs and bible readings amplify the messages in each chapter. The book puts into words the sentiments of love that every dad has for his daughter so she can become her best in the knowledge of his great love for her.

Bunn said “Fathers will give this book to their daughters to express that your love for her can be a solid rock upon which she can be all that she aspires to be. This book says, “I love you” to her through explanation, advice and inspiration that will help her to become all of who she is capable of becoming”.

It was also written for daughters, notes Bunn, who will appreciate knowing how their Dad is proud and delighted in her and for moms who are the constant “go-between” to help dad and daughter understand each other.

This short book explain dad’s innermost feelings toward his daughter, allowing daughters go into the world each day with the confidence that she is totally loved for no other reason than that “she is”.

Although Lyle has published more than 300 guidebooks and articles for industry, this is his first endeavour in publishing for a public audience.


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