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Lightfall Releases Single

This article appeared a few days ago at the website New Release Tuesday. Click the link below to read the full story at source. Lightfall is a Canadian band based in Ontario; one of the members, Mark Chown, is the son of Foundation Distributing’s Pat Chown.


Lightfall Releases Single “Your Love Is An Ocean”

Canadian worship group Lightfall successfully funded their upcoming full length album via indiegogo, and they’re celebrating with a new single, which you can download for free until the end of this week. The single, titled “Your Love is an Ocean,” is available through the group’s bandcamp page.

Lightfall has always approached their music through a grassroots-style support system, and their efforts towards debut album Lost in Who You Are is no different. However, they are also intentional in coming alongside their listeners rather than creating a “band vs. fan” dichotomy. The band matched from their own pockets every donation that came in through their indiegogo project— a campaign which raised $8,060 (CAD) towards the album.

The release of the single is part of the ongoing process of finishing the album, which is currently in the mixing stage. In the most recent album update, the band shared about their decision to release the single “We have also been getting some of the mixes back bit by bit for us to review and approve. Let us tell you, they are sounding great! We hope you think so too. One of the songs on the album came back and we loved it so much that we decided to release it early and give all of you a chance to get it for yourselves!”

To stay tuned for more updates as the album progresses, follow Lightfall’s indiegogo page, their facebook and their twitter.


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