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Brighton Author’s Help for Fathers with Daughters

XOXO from Dad - Lyle BunnA Brighton, Ontario author has added a short book to what is an increasingly fast-growing genre, books about the relationship between fathers and daughters. XOXO from Dad: Words Too Seldom Spoken. a Father’s Love for His Daughter by Lyle Bunn is concise at 64 pages and is available from Westbow, through Ingram/Spring Arbor at $9.99 US retail. Here is the publisher info:

XOXO from Dad are words of love too seldom spoken from Dad to Daughter including advice and encouragement in 20 easy to read chapters within 65 pages. Suggested songs and bible readings amplify the messages in each chapter. The book puts into words the sentiments of love that every dad has for his daughter so she can become her best in the knowledge of his great love for her.

Bunn said “Fathers will give this book to their daughters to express that your love for her can be a solid rock upon which she can be all that she aspires to be. This book says, “I love you” to her through explanation, advice and inspiration that will help her to become all of who she is capable of becoming”.

It was also written for daughters, notes Bunn, who will appreciate knowing how their Dad is proud and delighted in her and for moms who are the constant “go-between” to help dad and daughter understand each other.

This short book explain dad’s innermost feelings toward his daughter, allowing daughters go into the world each day with the confidence that she is totally loved for no other reason than that “she is”.

Although Lyle has published more than 300 guidebooks and articles for industry, this is his first endeavour in publishing for a public audience.



Universal Designs Product Now Available at Send the Light (STL)

Posters and bookmarks featuring dogs and cats have been among Universal Designs all-time bestsellers.

Posters and bookmarks featuring dogs and cats have been among Universal Designs all-time bestsellers.

Because of its acquisition by Christian Brands, VerseMarks and Pass-it-On product from Universal Designs, Inc. is now available to order through Send the Light.  STL Giftware Buyer Rita Allan and myself worked closely together to come up with an initial offering of some of the smaller pieces, while she and the shipping department work out the most efficient way to deal with orders you may have for the large posters, which are among the bestsellers.

Bookmarks are sold in packages of six as before, and the advantage here is that you can add pieces as needed without having to compose a larger order as in the past.

You may view the current available Versemarks at this link, or continue to view the full product range at the Universal Designs website. Hopefully more of the newer designs (items beginning 143xx) will be available to order soon, and the popular “teacher” packs in the Bible Basics series (160xx) will be added as well.

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HCCP Sumer 2015

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I Hope Your Community Never Needs This Book…

…but if they do:

Disaster Ministry HandbookDisaster Ministry Handbook
by Jamie Aten and David Boan
InterVarsity Press (IVP)
9780830841226 / $19 US

When disasters happen, people turn to local churches as centers for response and assistance. When floods or tornadoes devastate an area, or when shootings and violence shock a community, knowing what to do can be the difference between calm and chaos, courage and fear, life and death. But few churches plan in advance for what they should do— until the storm hits. Don’t get caught unprepared. If a natural disaster or human tragedy strikes your community, your church can minister to the hurting. Jamie Aten and David Boan, co-directors of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, provide a practical guide for disaster preparedness. Disaster ministry is a critically important work of the church, preparing for the unthinkable, providing relief to survivors, caring for the vulnerable and helping communities recover. Filled with resources for emergency planning and crisis management, this book provides best practices for local congregations. By taking action in advance, your church can help prevent harm and save lives during a disaster. The time to plan is now. Be prepared.

Lightfall Releases Single

This article appeared a few days ago at the website New Release Tuesday. Click the link below to read the full story at source. Lightfall is a Canadian band based in Ontario; one of the members, Mark Chown, is the son of Foundation Distributing’s Pat Chown.


Lightfall Releases Single “Your Love Is An Ocean”

Canadian worship group Lightfall successfully funded their upcoming full length album via indiegogo, and they’re celebrating with a new single, which you can download for free until the end of this week. The single, titled “Your Love is an Ocean,” is available through the group’s bandcamp page.

Lightfall has always approached their music through a grassroots-style support system, and their efforts towards debut album Lost in Who You Are is no different. However, they are also intentional in coming alongside their listeners rather than creating a “band vs. fan” dichotomy. The band matched from their own pockets every donation that came in through their indiegogo project— a campaign which raised $8,060 (CAD) towards the album.

The release of the single is part of the ongoing process of finishing the album, which is currently in the mixing stage. In the most recent album update, the band shared about their decision to release the single “We have also been getting some of the mixes back bit by bit for us to review and approve. Let us tell you, they are sounding great! We hope you think so too. One of the songs on the album came back and we loved it so much that we decided to release it early and give all of you a chance to get it for yourselves!”

To stay tuned for more updates as the album progresses, follow Lightfall’s indiegogo page, their facebook and their twitter.


Kevin Leman Crosses Over to Fiction Genre

New from Baker Books:

It’s time for Will to forge his own path.
But the force that drives him to greatness could also destroy him–and his family.

As the firstborn son of an old and powerful family, William Jennings Worthington VI knows what it’s like to be under pressure. Groomed from birth with the relentless message that he was destined for greatness, Will has always pushed himself to succeed–nearly as much as his never-satisfied financial tycoon father pushes him. Becoming CEO of the world’s largest and most adventuresome oil company seems the next logical step on the success ladder. But when circumstances turn, Will finds himself staring down a road that leads to Capitol Hill. Can he trade the board room for the Senate floor? Or will family secrets keep him from his destiny?

Internationally known psychologist and birth order expert Dr. Kevin Leman teams up with national journalist Jeff Nesbit for this compelling new series filled with political intrigue.

If you watch the video, you see the problem more acutely. This book was written largely for a U.S. audience familiar with American politics. While the authorship of Kevin Leman might be enough to interest some Canadian readers, I’d probably wait to see if there is any interest out there at all before I would stock this title.

Treasure House Stores Purchased By Creation Bookstore, London

Treasure House Becomes Creation BookstoreBreaking: Though we don’t have an internet link for you on this story yet, we’re hearing on good authority that Creation Bookstore in London has purchased both the Barrie and Newmarket locations of Treasure House Christian Supplies, with both stores to be renamed under the Creation banner.  The Treasure House was founded in 1977 by Bob and Hope Fitzgibbon, with the Barrie store opening in 1985. Creation House began in 1996, is owned by Kevin and Cathy Bodaly, and saw a spike in sales in 2011 after Upper Room Bookstore in London closed.

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The Last Season

Whereas once I found myself doing things for the first time
I now find myself doing things for the final time.

If anyone knows the source of that quotation, I’d love to know.  Today I pondered the fact that without major improvement, we’re heading into the final year of our store. Our lease expires in May, 2016, and that seems like a logical end point.

This is the last Spring season, to be followed by the last Summer, the last Fall and the last Christmas selling season.

I now have a mental closure date formulated in January, but absolutely no idea on how to stage a closing sale in such a small market. No wonder it’s big city stores that shut down, they can hold a liquidation and actually have a population base large enough to turn up for the sale. In a smaller town, especially in the fall and winter months, I find myself selling to the same people over and over again.

Our best case scenario involves someone wanting to start a store from scratch and purchase a very balanced inventory with a high proportion of sale titles that has been carefully curated. They would definitely open strong.

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Sinning Boldly This Summer

IVP, Baker, Fortress Press, NavPress, and Beacon Hill Press are among the seven publishers releasing books on sin this summer. Read more at Publisher’s Weekly: Sin Is In: 7 (Deadly) Sin Books for Spring and Summer

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HarperCollins, Foundation Add Ministry Edition Bibles

In almost simultaneous announcements, HarperCollins Christian Publishing in Canada and Foundation Distributing opened up the trade bookstore market to economy ministry editions Bibles formerly not available.

In the case of HCCP, the list includes 61 NIV,  NIrV and NVI (Spanish) titles in the Biblica group of editions. At FDI, the announcement concerned case lots of an NLT complete Bible for only $2.40 per copy; though they have previously offered ministry editions of the ESV and The Message.

Availability of these editions position you to be able offer similar pricing to direct offers churches receive. If you missed either announcement, contact your sales rep.

The Canadian Bible Society also has a program where retail dealers can receive discounts on its bulk-sales editions.

Take it further: Within minutes of receiving the Foundation announcement, we adapted their artwork and sent this out to a number of contacts we felt were open to using the NLT as a giveaway:

NLT Outreach

In a hectic world, the only way to effectively market to churches is to have some type of HTML like this that you can send to church staff, leaders and board members for whom you have e-mail addresses. These editions are also useful for parachurch organizations and Christian camps.

Lost in Translation

Horn of the Llamas

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Miracles Christian Store in Halifax Downsizing

Miracles Christian StoreIn a recent Facebook post, and letter to customers, Miracles Christian Store in Halifax, Nova Scotia is avoiding having to shut down completely but cutting back on floor space. Currently, they occupy two units of a busy retail plaza that includes high recognition brands such as Henry’s Cameras, Benjamin Moore Paints, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and Lee Valley Tools.

Writing in a style that continues to remain upbeat, customers were nonetheless told:

You may have noticed some changes already in the store; we are not closing, we are shrinking the size of our store. Due to the down turn in customer and church visits we are no longer able to support a large store.

The newsletter gets into greater detail:

With so many Christian stores closing across our country, we are thankful that we are still able to serve our community. However, there is no doubt we are a retail store…

True enough. None of us is immune from the vulnerability of the times.


Writing this today, I am reminded that you can also use the various articles here at Christian Book Shop Talk as a daily prayer guide. Today, remember Heidi and the staff at Miracles in your daily prayer time.

The photo was the only one available online, and doesn’t really do justice to the present storefront.



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