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Moncton, NB Store to Close

Faithful Servant Bookstore

You may have noticed in the comments two days ago a reference to yet another store closing. Faithful Servant Books has been in business in Moncton for three years and is owned by David Ford and managed by Michael Steeves. They wrote their customers:

Despite a very promising start in our first year, we have been unable to attract enough business to make the store viable. It is therefore with great reluctance that we have decided to wind up the business and close the store, unless a buyer can be found soon.

We aim to stay in operation through Easter until the end of April…

Our presence in the region is unique, and we have seen a positive, and sometimes dramatic impact on peoples lives who have patronized our store.

Please pray with us that a buyer can be found to continue the ministry in some form…

Faithful Servant operated on a principle of having everything in the store discounted:

Our pricing is structured along similar lines to all major online book retailers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc). As such all our books & publications are discounted between 5% & 30% and you should find our rates VERY competitive…

…with extra discounts for pastors.

One of the features of their website is an interactive floor plan, so that customers can familiarize themselves with the store layout before they arrive. (Click the image to see the functional version.)

Christian bookstore floor plan

We join David and Mike in hoping that this ministry can continue somehow in Moncton.

  1. Heidi
    April 16, 2015 at 7:30 am

    it looks like they are applying for non-profit status to make it work.
    See http://www.faithfulservantbooks.com/

    • April 16, 2015 at 8:59 am

      Thanks for pointing up the April 15th blog post to us. There are a number of stores that have found this model to be successful, as long as they meet the definition and comply with all the ongoing paperwork. The Canadian Bible Society stores are the most obvious example.

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