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Retailers are Ripe for Some Good News

Cook Communications Ministries' Angel of Death

Cook Communications Ministries’ Angel of Death

Perhaps there are some younger readers here, but for those of us who are older, you reach a stage in life when the only time you get an email form certain people is to inform you that other certain people have passed away. I have one person in particular in mind here; as soon as I see his name in the in-box, I wonder, “Who died?”

I’ve noticed lately that the only time I receive an email from David C. Cook Canada’s Greg Tombs (title: Executive Vice-President of Global Distribution) it’s bad news. In my computer’s in-box, he has this whole “Angel of Death” thing going on. I realize somebody has to pass on such information, but frankly, I would be concerned about having an image problem. It’s all discipline and no love.

What Greg Tombs needs right now is an image-lifter. An announcement peppered with daisies and kittens and a little good news for retailers like, “We are pleased to announce that, in the spirit of international paperback editions, we’ve negotiated lower royalty rates and arranged for special Canadian pricing at par on twenty bestselling titles representing four different publishers; prices which we’ve arranged to have locked-in from now until the end of the 2015.”

Yeah, that would do it.

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  1. April 9, 2015 at 10:20 am

    So true!

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