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Small Price Point Items Add Up

For most of us, gone are the days of postcards, pencils, lapel pins and coin purses. We like to think that we’re all a bit more sophisticated these days, and many of us have also experienced a transformation from “church supply store” to more of a consumer-focused Christian bookstore.

Still, small price point items can add up, and at this time of year, anything that can contribute to the bottom line should not be ignored.  Most of these purchase fall into one of two categories:

  • impulse items at the checkout
  • bulk purchases for giveaway purposes

From my perspective, a small price point is anything under $3.99 US, but it could also include the category of budget music CDs.  We are fortunate that companies like CTA (Christian Tools of Affirmation) is a leader in this category and continues to recognize the need for items in this price category. But there are many others as well.

Items near the checkout at my store include

      • Bible marking pencils
      • bookmarks (spinning display) from Universal Designs and Christian Art Gifts
      • CTA and Dayspring pen and bookmark sets
      • Zondervan Verses That Stick packages (4 designs, 101 scriptures on sticky notes)
      • bargain priced audio books on CD 
      • Adventures in Odyssey episode sample discs
      • packages of stickers (especially ones that work for adults, but also ones for kids)
      • pocket cards (in a small display unit) 
      • packaged notes
      • auto emblems (displayed elsewhere, but we’ll put a fish or two visible when space is open)
      • small magnetic picture frames from Carpentree
      • page/line magnifiers (especially this one)
      • Tic-Tacs, Halls, Certs, Breath-Savers, TriDent (we have a wholesale source for these)
      • Christians Brands Salvation tote bag (we’ve sold dozens of these)
      • low priced jewelry (i.e. wooden crosses on strings from Charbonneau)
      • packages of tissue (from Christian Brands)
      • children’s bandages
      • card games (because I have no other place for them)
      • booklets (including some broken packages, but still sold in pairs, not individually)
      • low price New Testaments
      • wristbands

As far as bulk sales go, you can’t recommend something if you don’t have one to show, so we often will buy the smallest number of units of an item possible, with the hope that a church or organization or individual will see the potential in ordering a dozen or fifty or 150.  

So…anything I left off the list?

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