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Why Customers Should Support Independents

Years ago the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship rebranded as Catch the Fire, and more recently, their bookstore rebranded as Attwell Books, named after their street address.  Industry consultant Tim Underwood sent this to me last week and thought it would good to share with all of you.  While our store isn’t non-profit like Attwell, I plan to adapt this and use it at some point.  Click the title below to read at source.

Support Independent Bookstores

Did you know that getting the cheapest deal sometimes isn’t the best deal? At Attwell Books, we work hard to keep prices low, but we work even harder to ensure you have an amazing experience with us. We want to see your life changed by God’s power and that’s why we run this bookstore, and quite frankly, that’s something that Amazon, iTunes or Netflix can never offer.

While we too appreciate the convenience and low cost that many big corporate retailers can provide, there are some incredible things that happen when you shop locally. Consider the following:

  • We are passionate about transformation and have become experts in the kinds of teaching and music that can bring change in your life.
  • We enhance the community, by providing distinctive options in our corner of the city.
  • We support the local economy, your money stays here in Canada, and we hire staff from around Toronto.
  • We are not-for-profit! All of the “profits” from the sale of our products go to support the life changing work of a local charity, Catch The Fire. No one’s pockets are being lined when you shop here, we just sow everything back into Kingdom expansion. We also frequently bring in products that are 100% fundraisers for causes like freedom from sexual slavery, and child exploitation.

Please consider supporting Attwell Books as your local Christian bookstore, and encourage others to think about the many benefits of buying local.

I think it’s important to state our case and fight for our right to be the customer’s “first pass” option for purchasing. It’s true that Attwell carries some very unique products in light of the doctrinal distinctives at Catch the Fire, but really, in the larger scheme of things with iTunes and Amazon, our situation is no different: Customers need the filtering that our stores offer and the expertise we bring to each sales transaction.

We’ve had a lot of critically important news and articles posted at the site over the last few days. If you haven’t browsed past articles recently, be sure to see the last 7-10 posts.

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