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Master’s Way Christian Books and Gifts in Pembroke Closes

Master's WayIn many respects, it’s unfortunate that local news coverage of local Christian retailers is never so good as when the store is closing. Perhaps that’s just a consequence of the “if it bleeds, it leads” philosophy of journalism, or perhaps we don’t our job well as retailers in creating buzz for events in our stores while we’re still up and running.

This January 31st story on Master’s Way in Pembroke, Ontario was well-written and provided an excellent history of the business from its founding as Bailey’s Christian Books Store up to the present.  The article concludes by clearly demonstrating the loss of one such store to a local community, and raises the issue of where people can go to find both the products and the fellowship.

…When the store was relocated to the building at 375 Pembroke St. E, [present owner Tim Moss] an established certified accountant, ran his accounting business upstairs while his wife managed the bookstore on the main floor…

“We really served the whole market,” Moss said. “We often heard we had better selection than other stores in communities much larger than ours.”

…The Master’s Way developed a loyal clientele over the years. It is this aspect of the business which is the hardest to give up.

“We were seen as the multi-denominational centre for believers,” he said. “People would come here and converse about what was happening within their churches, and it’s sad we’re not going to be providing that anymore.”

“There isn’t a common ground anymore.”

The Healeys [former owners] agreed, saying this loss of human contact is something which will be keenly felt.

“It was amazing the people who would come in (to the store) who needed encouragement and prayer,” Melanie Healey said. She noted people who were seeking answers often found them whole browsing through the pages of the books they sold.

“If you are a seeker, where do you go?”

Read the entire piece at the Pembroke Daily Observer.


As stores close, new locations and new concepts are rising. Check back tomorrow for a weekend article about a new retail concept in Winnipeg where you can buy books or simply borrow them!


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